Course Features

Our school-based curriculum comprises of multiple learning methods, incorporating play elements into our curriculum. With children being our focus, our curriculum connects children’s daily experiences with various learning activities that cater to children’s developmental needs. The full-day schedule is rich in activities, including whole-class activities, small group activities, grouping and corner activities.

Through participation, discussion, interaction, and cooperation in classes, groups or among individuals, the learning experiences are appropriate, substantial and meaningful for children to attain whole-person development in moral, intellectual, physical, social, aesthetic and spiritual attributes.

Our Mission

We are devoted to developing children’s motivation and interest in learning, as well as cultivating their thinking, creativity and problem-solving abilities, and nurturing them to care about and love others. Our fun learning environment, enables children to become part of the new generation eager to learn and always be thankful.

Free Play Education

Project Approach Education

English Education

Physical Education

Moral Education

Moral Education

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