Free Play Education

According to the “Guide to Kindergarten Education Curriculum”, children love games, to play with others, cooperate, imitate and other experiences. These can bring them happy, interesting and successful feelings and experiences. Games are the most effective way of learning to match the characteristics of young children’s age development.

Games are considered to be an ideal mode of activity to promote the physical and mental development of young children. Children use language, mathematics, senses and previous experience to play games, and develop different ideas in the process, which can promote understanding of themselves, others and the environment, develop creativity, problem-solving and adaptability.

In 2020-2022, our school has participated in the “Play-Learn-Grow” project sponsored by the Quality Education Fund of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and conduct experiments in key classes. In the year 2022-2023, we participated in the “Learning from Free Play” training hosted by the Kindergarten School-based Support Group of the Education Bureau, focusing on creating free play from the picture book situation.

We deepen the concept of children learning in games, and further strengthen the elements of free exploration in games. Free exploration is one of the important elements of play. It is a catalyst for children’s effective learning and can maintain and enhance their concentration and interest in learning. Our school designs a variety of games based on curriculum goals and content, and provides various materials for children to create, and makes good use of classroom corners, motor skill areas and other facilities, so that children can move freely in the activity area.

During the free-play time, teacher empowers the children to explore freely, allowing them to choose a variety of toys, invite classmates, and design the gameplay according to their own preferences, abilities, and life experiences, so as to increase the fun of games, express their feelings and explore things around them. After the game, teacher also invites children to share their experiences and feelings, helps them organize and consolidate the new knowledge and skills they have acquired, and gives timely and positive feedback to the children.

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